SuperOX Veterinary Pet Hygiene and Breast Care Disinfectant Products

It is a microbiocidal product produced with the help of special devices using advanced technology without adding any chemicals.

When used in Regular Periods, it destroys disease-causing pathogens. It prevents the formation of diseases caused by harmful microorganisms.

It has a very strong and broad antimicrobial effect.

SuperOX Veterinary pet hygiene and udder care disinfectant is an environmentally friendly high-level disinfectant and quickly and reliably minimizes many harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses that cause economic damage in the livestock sector.

Bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores are harmful to the health of our animals. These groups can cause great economic losses in production.

Disinfection application in the livestock sector, it is an important link in the biosecurity chain. Choosing the disinfectants suitable for a business and applying the selected disinfectant correctly is the key to success in this regard. It is very important in terms of quality, efficiency and economic gains.

SuperOX Veterinary pet hygiene and udder care disinfectant, which has an active biocidal structure that provides long-term protection and control, puts an end to infectious diseases and related losses in enterprises. Thanks to SuperOx, it is under control for a long time in the disinfection of animal shelters and cages (ground-surface and air disinfection).

After cleaning, disinfection is applied to ensure a quality and healthy production, clean and healthy environment and employees, as well as hygiene of the tools and equipment in the enterprise. The taste, smell, structure and aroma of the product contaminated with harmful microorganisms may change and the quality decreases accordingly.

Consumption of contaminated food can cause great harm to the business as well as a problem in terms of human health. Disinfection is very important in eliminating these negative factors.

SuperOX Veterinary Pet Hygiene and Breast Care Disinfectant Usage Areas;

  • In cleaning the wound area and skin residues in this area,
  • In the care of postoperative wounds,
  • In burns, cuts and scratches,
  • Around the wound formed as a result of tearing and fragmentation,
  • Around the wound formed before and after birth,
  • In mastitis, eczema, fungal infections and lesions,
  • Saddle wounds, hoof diseases, rope burns,
  • In the disinfection of your pets' living spaces,
  • In the disinfection of birth areas,
  • In the disinfection of animal shelters,
  • In the disinfection of water and food containers,
  • In the disinfection of pet carrier bags and transport vehicles,
  • In the disinfection of animal hospitals and veterinary clinics,
  • In protection against diseases caused by harmful pathogens,
  • In the disinfection of nails and feathers,
  • In disinfection of toys, tools, equipment (nail clippers, leash, feeding bottle, comb…) used by pets such as cats and dogs,
  • In poultry and exotic animals such as cattle, sheep, horses, cats, dogs, birds; It is used as a hygiene, breast and skin care product.

In addition, SuperOX Veterinary Pet Hygiene and Breast Care Disinfectant products do not contain alcohol, iodine, antibiotics, steroids, vegetable oils and any chemical additives.

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Veteriner, Pet, Hijyen ve Meme Bakım Dezenfektanı 1L

1L Veterinary, Pet, Hygiene and Breast Care Disinfectant

Veteriner, Pet, Hijyen ve Meme Bakım Dezenfektanı 5L

5L Veterinary, Pet, Hygiene and Breast Care Disinfectant

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